Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Citico: An Oldtime Fiddle Tune

I was just listening to some of our old recordings. I had forgotten about this one. It is an oldtime fiddle tune played in an open tuning. This was recorded in July of 2000. Erica had just learned this tune a couple days earlier from fiddler Bruce Molsky who was passing through and took time to give a few private lessons. She was fifteen years old at the time. It's one fiddle recorded live no overdubbing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ed Pressnell: Dulcimer Maker

Photo by Paul Macatee
Georgianne usually plays her dulcimer on a song or two in each of our Homegrown String Band sets. She received her first mountain dulcimer as a fifteenth wedding anniversary present, from yours truly, in 1994. Over the years she has developed her own unique chording style that fits in well with the band and gets a more featured role in our Homegrown Two duo shows.

The Appalachian dulcimer is a type of zither developed and popularized by folk musicians from the southern Appalachian region of the United States. This unique instrument owes much of its beauty, both visual and musical, to its elegant simplicity. Audience members are often fascinated by the look and sound of this traditional American folk instrument.

Here's a short film profiling traditional dulcimer builder Ed Pressnell, produced by Thomas Burton and Jack Schrader in 1973.